The present context related to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis has forced us to adopt extraordinary measures in order to assure the defense of public health and the upholding of the guidelines issued by the General Health Department and the Portuguese Government.
We, at the Olissippo Hotels, are constantly working towards the reopening of our hotels, and with this in mind, are currently elaborating a working plan with “Clean & Safe”, procedures, that when put into place will assure the hygiene and safety conditions for our Guest and Staff by the time our activity is resumed.
In addition to use masks and respect for social distance, all Employees received specific information and / or training on the internal Protocol for the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and how to comply with basic precautions for infection prevention and control in relation to the outbreak, including hand hygiene procedures, respiratory etiquette and social conduct.

The Hotels have personal protective equipment, cleaning materials, personal hygiene equipment and isolation rooms. They ensure the washing and disinfection of the places where employees and customers circulate and the disinfection of the swimming pool (the water chlorination remains at maximum safety levels) or other equipment existing in SPAs / wellness as well as the reorganization and capacity of the space and reinforcement the hygiene of restaurants and bars areas.The cleaning and sanitizing protocol guarantees specific care with the clothes and the cleaning of the rooms and the operation ensures that it is able to trigger all procedures as indicated by the GHD.


We will inform some of the main measures:

Hotel Entrance / Arrivals:

- We will suspend the Valet Parking service in order to minimize contacts with the interior of vehicles driven by Customers;
- We will check the body temperature of those who enter the Hotel.
- We will inform the Customer in advance and disinfect the luggage upon arrival.
- We will organize the luggage service for groups so that bags are left at the doors of the rooms.
- We will offer a disposable mask and gloves to the Customer before entering, if he does not have them or is not wearing them.
- We will distribute a brochure with information on the measures in force at the hotel in the context of combating the pandemic of COVID-19.


- We will mark the social distance with marks on the floor in front of the Reception.
- All Employees will wear masks and gloves.
- Each Receptionist will use a complete and exclusive job post and clean it at the end of each Shift.
- We will keep disinfectants available for Customers to use.
- It will be explained to the Customer that he will only be able to access the Restaurant or Bar when there is a table or seat available, in order to avoid crowds;
- We will ask the customer to prioritize telephone contact with all Hotel services.
- We will maintain the concern and regularly disinfect the Reception desk, TPA’s, Keypasses and other items of regular contact by the Customer;


- We will restrict the number of simultaneous users on the elevators and advertise it visibly inside and outside the cab.
- We will install disinfectant dispensers on each floor next to the elevators.


- Signaling information on the periodicity of hygiene applied in the accommodation units.
- Assign rooms alternately (1 in 1 or 2 in 2) on each floor.
- All Floor and Cleaning Personnel use the PPE (personal protective equipment) previously defined (masks, gloves, gowns ...).
- We will distribute small disinfectant dispensers and disposable gloves in each room.
- We will let the rooms used before cleaning whenever possible (24h to 48h).

Restaurants and Bars:

- Restaurants and Bars will ensure that all people who work there and who attend are aware of compliance with the rules, correct hand washing, respiratory etiquette, as well as other personal and environmental hygiene measures.
We are going to reduce the maximum capacity of the establishment (interior, including balcony, and terrace), in order to ensure the recommended physical distance (2 meters) between people on the premises and ensure compliance with the legislation in force.
The diagonal arrangement of seats can facilitate maintaining the safety distance. Those who live together can sit face to face or side by side at a distance of less than 2 meters. Prevent customers from changing the orientation of tables and chairs.
Privileging the use of spaces for customers in outdoor areas, such as terraces (whenever possible).
Whenever possible, arrange chairs and tables in order to guarantee a distance of at least 2 meters between people.
Remove the decorative motifs on the tables.
Replace individual menus with menus that do not need to be handled by customers or plasticized and disinfected menus after each use.
Ensure good ventilation and frequent air renewal in the restaurant areas.
Ensure compliance with the measures provided for in the HACCP.
- We will have disinfectant gel at the entrance for use by Customers.
- It will be explained to the Customer that he will only be able to access the Restaurant or Bar when there is availability of a table or seat, in order to avoid crowds.
- We will replace “buffets” with “Table d’Hôte” or “à la carte” services.
- All Employees will wear masks and gloves.

Pool, Gym and Spa:

- We will keep closed until the Health Authorities' determinations are known.

Conventions, Conferences and Meetings:

- We will keep more space between work tables and chairs.
- We will limit the number of Customers in each room.
- We will disinfect tables and chairs, equipment and work area after customers leave.


- We will create an additional area for "Check-out" and separately from the Reception counter, in cases where a greater influx of Customers is expected.
- We will mark the social distance with marks on the floor in front of the Reception.
- We will ensure that Employees wear masks and gloves.
- We will keep disinfectants available for Customers to use.
- We will keep paper, envelopes and equipment sanitized.

These procedures can be changed whenever necessary or as required by the directives of the General Health Department and the Portuguese Government..
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